Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Everyone's favorite icon of acceptable racism, The Taco Bell Chihuahua, has passed away. The dog, who actually had a real name (sort of: "Gidget"), died due to a stroke while watching television (not a joke) at the age of 15, which is 962 in dog years (a joke). She not only spoke Spanish, but also English, French, Dutch, and Cat.

I wish there were some way we at GG could honor Ms. Gidget and her contributions to Tacociety, but Taco Bell isn't really something any of us think about. In any case, here's a video I found on youtube that is about Taco Bell, and pizzas too...

Oh, and it looks like Taco Bell has found some replacement mascots:


Kate said...

I feel like I have to correct the record here-
"... but Taco Bell isn't really something any of us think about."
Totally untrue.

Dap said...

"correct the record"

boobs said...

yeah i was trying to do the whole comedy-via-opposite thing, but i don't think it was too successful, cause some people might believe that we don't think about taco bell 24/7/365/average-human-lifespan, but i really really do, i know you all really really do too.

also those friends we know made a song about it once. i think it was called "Danger Danger! High Voltage!"

Kate said...

oh weird, I wasn't even thinking about the song that our friends made, I was just genuinely outraged thinking about how I used to eat taco bell bi/tri-weekly at least for several years of my life and how I think about that every 6-15 days depending on how often I pass a taco bell. and those memories are actually 100% dissociated from the song.

boobs said...

oh how i agree/feel/believe. i was for a short period of time 'The Taco Bell Guy' at university, at some point being in charge of devirginizing several uninformed souls to the wonders south of the border (mostly canadians and former bulimics).

i dont think ive ever even eaten at a pizza hut taco bell. but i did once try the mexican pizza, and that shit was pure burger king compared to the chrunchwrap supreme.

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