Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Just had a dream that me and some fly white girl lived in my brother's house (my brother doesn't have a house, the dream created it) in the basement, where we had a huge stash of guns and money. We were some sort of assassins/thieves in this small town. Most of the dream was us leaving the house, driving a pick-up truck around aimlessly until we saw someone hanging around outside their house, then I would quickly jump out of the truck, chase them down, shoot them and the girl would then take all their things. This would all happen in daylight and apparently people weren't alarmed by it and would still have small talk with me even after they witnessed a shooting. The dream ended when my brother came back to his house while I was cleaning one of the guns and smoking a cigarette and he showed me a magazine with Groucho Marx face on it and I started reading it on the edge of a cot.

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