Friday, July 24, 2009


My deutschlanding pal LLDGD hipped me to the Germanic people's own brand of Americana, primarily taking the form of America's greatest pleasure/downfall: FÖÖD!

I don't even know what this is... it provides me with the same consternation that astronauts must feel when they see Space Food.

This is from a big grocery store's "America Week." The paragraph translates to:

That's delicious! That is American food -- spicy, hearty or sugar-sweet! With McEnnedy you'll find main dishes, side dishes, and desserts in the good old American tradition. America, the land of a thousand sauces, burgers and sweets, now nearby in your Lidl store!
And features ads for such classics as:
Apparently Hamburger Sauce is different than Ketchup, which has it's own modifiers:
I think the Ketchup Barbeque would go well with these:
Elsewhere in die vaderland:

Nick The Easy Rider also makes things like "Gaucho" seasoning, popcorn-mais ("popcorn corn"), and "peanutbutter" (no translation). Also apparently Nick is a real guy, as here are some pix from his fotogalerie:
And in finality, two items that I'm surprised have yet to infiltrate the American market:
Pizza Obama - with seafood. (?)
Pizza USA - with meatsauce and feta. (!)

Ready-fried, with Curry Dip! ( :D )

Unfortauntely though, doesn't seem like Germans like everything American.

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