Friday, July 3, 2009


Now to be fair, this could have happened anywhere...
but it didn't. When I quit my job I am going to go be a TV reporter for this channel.

I got dumber just reading the titles of the related videos, which include "Fat guy falls off van," "Fat woman can't get out of ditch," and "Fat guy falls on midget"
Let's just say this also happened in Ohio:

Here's some more love. They made a first one but I think I like this second one better because of the scooby doo reference.

Also, our economy isn't only based on Lebron James anymore bitches!


CF Edley said...

"a bear scats in the woods"!!!!!!!! thank you.

Lauren said...

Hi Kate! Love the Cleveland News shout-out. We've got some really special stories happening around here. Here's my favorite piece I watched all week, about a woman from Warren:

Lauren said...

Oh, they did a follow-up interview with her tonight, btw.,0,7275685.story

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