Wednesday, July 8, 2009

music: SUCKERS - you can keep me runnin' around

I think I first saw Suckers play at Flamboyan Theatre when I also first saw Yeasayer and MGMTs first show with a five-man line-up. Admittedly, I didn't pay much attention. Maybe I was drunk or something.

Flash forward to now, and I haven't been able to get this song out of my head for days now. I think I listened to it once 2 weeks ago and every day I sit here in my cubicle occasionally yelling out YOU CAN KEEP ME RUNNIN AROUND at the top of my lungs attracting hell of weird looks - more than usual even. I posted about these dudes heck of long ago and back then songs like Gets Your Body Moving and Horn Song were infectious to me. They still are.

I'm fond of multi-instrumentalists, both the term and the actual people, and Suckers has four of them. I get a real kick out of seeing a drummer play the keyboard and shit like that because I can't play ONE instrument and motherfuckers are out there playing two AT THE SAME TIME, like FIVE IN TOTAL DURING A SET, while singing EIGHTY-FOUR HUMAN WORDS WITH EMOTIONS (84HWWE). All of them are extremely talented musicians. Homie Pan is a talented designer too. And they all have chops. One of the things that drew me to Yeasayer when I first heard that shit 2 summers ago was that every member sang. It's also why I'm drawn to bands like Wild Yaks who we played with at Glasslands. I'm also very fond of describing people as "having chops." Now before I go on suckin' this band's d for heck of heck of long (as opposed to just heck of long), let me also say, frontman Quinn Walker is an extremely talented dood. This small town art-bubble we call Brooklyn, a liberal arts college for adults in the middle of an insane city where buildings are nostalgic for looking upon streets filled with human depravity and humans oblige, is insane because so many people have so many bands that are so fucking good and you drink beers with all these people and they're just people like anyone else, but sometimes you think about shit and you're like... holy shit, this motherfucker's a genius. Well, motherfucker's a genius. This band aside, his solo shit is great too. Great enough to make me not hate ALL people that could be described as "singer/songwriters" and each track sounds like a different GOOD artist. Dood played me some shit as we were drunk as hell in a bar at 4 am and though I can't recall a single track I can recall my jaw being firmly planted on a sticky bar.

As far as this song goes, more than anything, I think the words and sentiment in this song are real PRETTY. I can't hear the sound on this video cuz I'm at work but if it's wack peep the acoustic version they did for Time Out NY below this. Even if it ain't wack, do that do that do do that that that. Also peep their myspace for some other joints - it's linked at the bottom of this post.

Suckers have a residency at Pianos on the L.E.S. this month. I'll be hosting their show on July 16th. I don't know what hosting entails. Maybe I'll make a joke. Maybe I'll make three. Also playing that show are stellar dude Cameron Hull, the aforementioned Wild Yaks, and a band called Modern Science.

Read their EP review here : : 7.9/10

Read an interview with Quinn here. Hear how Cameron fell on his leg at the bar. If I stuck around that bar 10 more minutes I could have seen a dudes foot break in person! :

Head over to their Myspy :

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