Friday, July 17, 2009


Gordon Gartrelle homie Gabby Shaw had this recently happen to her:


Nudist wants to come to Deitch Projects and next thing you know I'm standing arms length from a dude with a scrotum the size of my pillow. Tommy D., nudist at large, was huddled up in the corner looking like a scared suckling upon my arrival but soon grew brave and brash once in his indoor art element trotting around in some Easy Spirits and white socks up to his calf. Jeff Koons in the flesh. Gotta hand it to Tommy though, recently lost 100 lbs eating 5000 calories two days a week- tits roughly the size of mine still. NOT TOO SHABBY.

Finding the Nudist, a Documentary about Tommy D.-

Excerpt from website: Tommy D. trolls the galleries and stages of the NYC “Art Star” scene, seemingly unconcerned or unaware of the importance or purpose of the venue or evening. Simply looking for the proper environment that will afford him his one true desire: the luxury of being naked amongst the clothed, who have come for art, performer, poet, painter…

Kinda looked like some of these doods-


howzit said...
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boobs said...

Streaking through a park in the early hours /
of the AM a few women pass /
me by and they laugh and giggle /
As my genitals and back side go back and forth and jiggle /
Activate a workout and I feel good /

That is why I like to go /
"bare ass"

[wv: ingen - a seemingly and actually racist word]

Alaina Stamatis said...

where's geshaw's pillow-like genitalia ?

bDown said...

This exact same thing happened to me about an hour ago at Dorfman Projects and this is what I found when I looked him up online. Did he ask you for a kiss? The scrotum description, unfortunately, was accurate.

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