Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Visitation Rights for CF Edley: Bill Cosby's Birthday and Whitey's On the Moon

Seems like the 12th of July is fucking Bill fucking Cosby's birthday. I hate Bill Cosby a lot, in a lot of ways, even though his comedy is charming and his sweater-game, like mine, is decidedly exuberant. Also, he did probably invent the name of our blog. Also, he would find our blog largely reprehensible. A lot has been said on how anti-progressive and middle-brow Bill Cosby is, what his effects on Black culture in America have been, what French people and other foreigners think of him, what Cam'ron thinks in general...
Regardless, July 12 was his birthday, at least according to this absomolutely rap art piece by Andrew Salomone at Buoy Gallery in Kittery, Maine. Yes, Kittery, Maine. Yes, rap. Yes, a Jell-o-shot portrait of Doctor Huxtable, ardent prescriber of boiled hooves and sugar. See for yourself:

Here you can read all about it.

Special thanks to JWill from the casts and crews of the Cosby Show and, of course, Cosby, for turning us on to this.

Moving on, or backwards. Also. Today, July 15th, out there in the east, though it's still night-time as I post this here in the State of Mind; Today, 40oz. years ago, doods from America landed on the moon, pretty much definitely. I really detest NASA and think space exploration's kind of like if the POTUS went on vacation to summit Everest. Or kind of like how Kim Jong Il is (was for a while) Hennesy's biggest client. There's a lot of muffucking problems down here, dude. Dude. Stay sober. (Nah, stay high.) Anyway, most of what I might say was already best, if bombastically, distilled by Gil Scott Heron, who, if you don't know, you prolly should get up on stiff and quick. Attached to a regrettable fan video, here's his take:


Kate said...

Oh, i am so happy that you reminded me that Kim Jong Il was Hennessy's biggest client. Have you read this? The story about the jetski is rad. http://www.theatlantic.com/issues/2004/01/fujimoto.htm

CF Edley said...

When I lined up the Japanese cigarettes on the baccarat table, Kim Jong Il smoked only the menthol kinds.

Helll yeah.

Dap said...

Our entourage of delight will never satisfy me again

CF Edley said...

dap, what ever do you mean? (WV: copalescent)

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