Thursday, July 9, 2009

A VISIT FROM DAP: Certificates

In this dream I was in a parking lot wearing a white lab coat getting out of a car and walking to a gray medical complex. I walked up a few flights of stairs that had all sorts of inside-out bodies and posters of human anatomy about and ended up in a waiting room with maybe 10-12 very fat Midwesterny looking white women who were all clamoring for my attention by yelling "Doctor! Doctor!". I told them to talk to my secretary. I pushed my way through this crowd and ended up in my office where I shut the door. After sitting down for a few minutes with my head in my hands (a 'real-life' classic), a real fatty walked in following my secretary (another fat white lady, the dream only had fat white women in it) who told her to sit down and then left. She looked around at all the certificates and 'diplomas' hanging around the office and after a minute of silence asked me what they were for. In all seriousness I said 'oh, they're for wilding out" and the dream ended.

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