Friday, July 10, 2009

CF Edley: Tim = Tik

Continuing my normal bit of going through yotub music I ran into a wonderful comment thread, truly heartwarming, on a track by Tik and Tock called "Crisis".  It started with:  Hey, this is great! I'm Tim from Tik and Tok and thanks for posting this! Got any more?
Beast wishes

And I was like, Hell yeah!  Beast wishes!
Then I looked for more Tik and Tok shit, and Tim/Tik himself had this video posted with the note that:  It was made in 1983 for the Salon called Sanrizz that used to maintain our hair. Thanks Tony!
And I was like, Hell yeah!  Tony!  Plus it's fucking amazing.  Plus, nobody seems to know how to pronounce Sanrizz.  Check it out, bro:

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