Thursday, July 9, 2009

Visitation Rights for CF Edley: Escape from New York

Fire In My Heart has been stuck in the back of my head for about a year.  For real.  I get other songs stuck in my head, like, I don't know, The Dream shit or whatever, or maybe some old Whitney Houston jam, but this is always behind it.  Like, the other more appropriate song in my head ends, and then I'm somewhere in the middle of this track.  So, having wasted a lot of my time on this blog by not posting this amazing amazing song by a band actually called Escape From New York, here it is on yotub:

Also, that cover is kind of the most popular thing ever, no?
Okay, so.
But then, through Hypest Machina X, my fears were fulfilled, which is to say, I finally discovered that they've only got three singles.  Nah, fuck that.  Actually, I'm really happy since I didn't know about these other tracks, Slow Beat, which might actually be even hotter than Fire in My Heart and is from a year before 1984, that is, 1983, and features a massive vocoder, which is the best best; and Save Our Love, also from '84, which I can only figure out how to download through sketchy fileshare stuff for disco-lovers, so I can't really give it to you, but you can find it, sport, champ, tiger, liger.  But here it is on yotub, with some sweet but pretty kitschy singing, but pretty awesome singing, but rad, and also obviously an astonishing bassline and penetrating snare hits and synth blasts:

  Anyway.  Yeah, good things shouldn't come in just threes, or even fours.  Good things should go on forever, like good daytime sex on a Sunday.  So here's the link to download Fire In My Heart so you can play it for all your bff's while having sex with them on a Sunday:  

And here's the link for my neu favorite song in spacetime, Slow Beat, which I might just tug along to for the next week:

Now, now I'm pumped, cuz I can just party on my favorite jams for the next 70 years cuz I'm gonna die when I'm 95 and dancing, y'all.  Enjoy the rest of your awesome lives.

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good music to be hawt 2

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