Friday, July 24, 2009

Visitation Rights for CF Edley: DISCO VERSION!!!!

Hell yeah. Everybody knows it, but here's the superlive disco version:

So, yes. Disco can fuck shit up and be awesome at the same time. What do you want from me? Okay. So that's from a movie called Disco Dancer, which is up in it's entirety on yotub. It's awesome. It has really realistic instrument playing. This is the first section and I tell you what, it's really fantastically derivative. Follow:

What do you want from me? Oh, do you want the video of that really awesome cobbler singing this song? Yes? Good cuz it's the second best video on yotub ever:

You want me? Okay. But, unrelated to how aggressive my tone may seem, you'd better go see Soul Power before I kick you in your faces.
And listen to the Spinners a whole lot:



Dap said...

I've never been used cause i don't have anything, I've definitely been confused like hella times and absolutely, absolutely fuck your mans

Also, my parents used to watch disco dancer all the time in the late 80s, me and my brother used to sing the title track all the time ("I am a Disco Dancer"). Also, I love how the Disco Dancer movie came out in 1982, Indians are always hitting these things at their peak.

Dap said...

also that cobbler is fucking amazing, i love that dude

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