Friday, July 17, 2009

A VISIT FROM DAP: Accidental Video Game Porn Archive

A dude named Derek Yu from somewhere out on the internet has compiled this list of porny looking things from video games, many of them from NES games. I can definitely remember playing some shitty old video game and having the character run up into somebody's crotch and going "heh." This man has compiled those moments. Ejemplos:

From Donkey Kong Country:

From Drakan:

From GTA:

From Jammit (!). This is funny because why would you ever cross your arms like that playing basketball NOTE: I have been informed by the homie Sara'o that crossing your arms like that is an acceptable way to set a pick. I feel pretty not cool right now.:

From Tiny Toons:

From the internet:


Sara'o said...

When you cross your arms like that, it's called setting a pick.

Also, perusing my facebook profile pictures only sort of counts as blogging.

I just got a job at Whole Foods Charcuterie,

RPS: My recaptcha: "chigniti" which is one of those words like "niggard" which looks super racist but is not.

Dap said...

Noted. Damn I don't eat meat, if it was a crudite I'd be up on it. I actually found that naked mannekellz on a message board along with several other beauties I'm gonna tease out over the summer. keep em wanting more and whatnot.

boobs said...


Anonymous said...

how embarrassing moments to video games, specially the DKC with the sailfish, or that girl over that monster, surely viagra online don't have any time like this.

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