Friday, July 3, 2009

A VISIT FROM DAP: Fancy Fast Food

These dudes take normal meals and make them into fancy looking shit, giving you detailed instructikons along the way. Ejemplo:
Mix four packets of tartar sauce with four packets of ketchup to make some Thousand Island dressing. You will use it as you start to assemble each of the tapas dishes: onion rings draped with a dollop of the dressing, the cheese croquetas, the clams wrapped in bacon, the chicken papas rellenas (served with a dollop of dressing), the meatballs (served on a drizzle of Coke syrup, as well as brushed with some), the remaining bacon (a.k.a. jamón) garnished with parsley, and the chicken breast, also garnished with parsley after being brushed lightly with sweet Coke syrup.


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