Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Here's a video from MIA and Rye Rye. I always preferred video music box with Ralph McDaniels to MTV as a kid. Duh. New York Noise is an okay show, but is NYCTV public access? Not sure. Anyway this video's kind of cool because it reminds me of when I'm on the couch, all IRIE and shit, flipping through channels and I'll stumble across a public access show that consists of a lady with a mic running around a party interviewing drunk people that are just at this party, kicking it at the club. They interview random people who always drop their myspace link and spell out the URL very slowly and carefully like how a yuke dealer might recommend you dial your number to page them. Maybe. One time there was this 80s themed party in Jersey and one guy had an actual, real, Dapper Dan jacket. If I could get my hands on a Dapper Dan jacket I could pull husky Peruvian tricks ALLLLL DAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY.

And while I'm thinking of video music box I'll post more videos. Though none of these videos would have ever been on video music box. Ever.

Here's an angelic video for Dirty Projector's album banger Stillness is the Move. This song's been stuck in my brainz for a minute:

Here's a fuzzy video for Summer of Hate from The Crocodiles. I did not watch this video or listen to this song though I feel that it could somehow be good or relevant as the internet suggests it is.:

Here's a video for Wavves' No Hope Kids. I'm particularly fond of the shot where he's doing an e-mail interview. Those are fun. at 0:29, someone asks him in an email list of questions - "is this your first tour abroad? is it totally awesome?" and he responds "it is my first tour abroad. it is TOTALLY AWESOME." I would probably write the same thing because the same internet and same times have caused me to have the same sense of irony.

BrooklynVegan posted this video and along with a scene of the most insane office freak out ever. And this shit is INSANE. It's really dope. I wish I could do this, except for the part where he throws a computer at a lady. That looked like it could hurt. Someone in the comments section wrote this: "got a poking bone this is the most romantic thing in this gay earth." That should give you some sense of how awesome this is.


CF Edley said...

I'd just like to hateout Matthew Lessner, director of that dirty pro's vid. The video's fly, but basically a mute version of the movie me and peeps did with him last summer in Oregon and he can't get his ass clean to edit. Kid loves llamas and alpacas and dogs on leashes when they shouldn't have leashes. Also, he stole this project from my dood who's better. Sorryo. Just needed to talk that shit. He's got it coming to him. It is a nice, if flat and empty, pretty viddy.

Hima said...

You are not alone.
---"Now we have this 'professional' pretentious director Matthew Lessner, with lost of resources available, and an excellent band to work with. And the result is that he couldn't offer us anything better than a mediocre commercial clip." - Carlos Molina,

(word ver: WISMS)

Breezy said...

shouts to 219

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