Friday, July 17, 2009


So I forgot how I found this, but there seems to be a whole community of animals hanging out on facebook under almost-too-human monikers. If you were to go to the public page of, say, Sam Broadhurst (an albino tiger), you might see the above list of friends. Click on, say, Catherine Ramson (a westie terrier), you'd see her fellow fauna: a bobcat, a rottweiler puppy, a bunny, some kind of poodle mix, and actually, a robot (Jane Tenneson), which is man's real best friend.

How did this happen? Now that facebook has suckered in all humans from 8 to 80, are they going after all other living organisms too? Or worse yet, are these profiles for a group of actual humans who are so insanely nerdy and bored that they all decided to change their profile pics to that of generally boring animals? Speaking of nerdy and bored, is this what my life has become?

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