Friday, July 10, 2009

Visitation Rights for CF Edley: Just another goddam amazing disco jam

Not to say this will be my last post of incredibly amazing bizarrodisco, but this will be my last post... shut up. Last night I wound up continuing fuxing with yotub til real late and discovered a cut that made it hard for me to sleep. It's called "The Force" by a lady named Nancy Nova, a Brit. I couldn't really dig too hard on anything else she did, but the minor key, the James Bondish feeling, the plucky guitar, beat almost sounding like a snippet of an Eno crescendo filtered through a tin-can-trombone. I dunno. Lest I digress, here's the yotub:

And here's a download, which is unbelievably undeniably worth having deep, deep inside your computer or portable electronic device.

There's something about "The Force" reminds me of a hot lover's rock jawn by Janet Kay that I put up a while ago, but have no problem putting up again, sorry Heems. It's called "Silly Games" and I'm wondering if anybody else sees a similarity. So actually, nah, I'm not sorry Hima, cuz this is interactive shit, this is futuristic discourse of nigh 30yr old cuts, one from the Colonial Power, and one from the Postcolonial Ghetto. This is web2.0. Oh, sorry, here:



Dap said...

janet kay's as dope as sitting around watching movies alone friday night. that is to say: very dope.

(word verification: fableric)

KOOL A.D. said...

"VIBING" HELLOF HARD on these two songs

KOOL A.D. said...,_the_bible_and_torture/

CF Edley said...

rasberry beret? weird. wow. hell no.

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