Monday, July 13, 2009

A Visit From Alec: peep these things

whatever I'm lazy. peep the graffiti rock intro and peep this indian ass led zeppelin shit.

then check out THIS!


Hima said...

i used to watch the ramayana they took that footage from a shit ton back in the day. then later on in life i listened to led zeppelin. everything comes full circle.

boobs said...

this gave me morning wood 5 weeks in a row

but it upsets me morally that they do not rock any graffiti on the show.

Dap said...

Debbi Mazar dancing 38 seconds in. IT'LL GIVE YOU A SHOCK!

Dap said...

also, this from that video bob linked:

abcdefghij73 (12 hours ago) Show Hide

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