Wednesday, July 8, 2009

\\\fashun - some bullshit, camo - taliban chic

to borrow from camillo, "warning warning warning" - this post is me bragging about how cool i am for knowing/coming up with something before other motherfuckers. i'll be brief as i've already written far too many words. trying to bring mad words back to this blog though. ok.

///I was Taliban Chic before Newsweek

I only talked about taliban chic as a concept all the time because I knew it was going to pop off but also knew I don't have the money or talent to make my little dream a reality. Leif Vic and I worked on a joint called African Apparel and a year later those motherfuckers put african prints on their dumb clothes. But back to taliban chic. Take a look at some looks from Camo's s/s 2010 new lookbook.

while i have your attention on some fashin shit, also peep this new dior homme high neck jacket (via

1 comment:

Trendology said...

that dior jacket is a yes.

also, "taliban chic" is going to be the theme for at least a dozen editorial spreads this fall. i heard it here first.

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