Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A VISIT FROM DAP: Rene Higuita

Rene Higuita was a Colombian football player on the national team. More importantly, he was an insane looking man who was imprisoned for (according to Wikipedia) "getting involved in a kidnapping. Acting as a go-between for the drug barons Pablo Escobar and Carlos Molina, he was largely responsible for securing the release of Molina's daughter by delivering the ransom money. He received $64,000 for his services, which breaks Colombian law as it is an offence to profit from a kidnapping. He was incarcerated for 7 months before being released without charge. Commenting on the case, he has stated that "I'm a footballer, I didn't know anything about kidnapping laws." Next time I get in trouble with the law, I'm gonna say the same thing.

Also, he got in trouble with the Ecuadorian team in 2004 for blow. Now that we've learned about our dude, let's take a look at a wilder in his prime.

Uhh, Victor Vazquez?
But alas, it seems that he's normalized his hair. All good things must come to an end. Slightly cool things as well.
Also, I hate when people say 'great question' all the time when someone asks you something. Stop sucking the dude's dick and answer the question. Nah I don't actually feel that way, but I wish I did.

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