Saturday, July 25, 2009


First off, this is kickaxx:

Crime claimed to be "San Francisco's first and only rock band" or something like that, and so far, no one has contested them (they died in 1981 i think). Despite Target trying to change history, the concert is actually from 1978. I just have to applaud the wardens at San Quentin, who seem to love to book acts that would presumably incite riots.

How many concerts have been played there? There is no answer. Even a deep Google search only revealed that Radiohead might've played there last summer, and Metallica did in 03. Lame. Oh, there was this:
But that don't count, one cuz it was outside the walls, but more importantly, cuz it was hippies. Here's another one that don't count, but is ephing awesome:
Which is very real, and very pretty good.


Dap said...

Oh shit. I think when we get our GG band together our first gig should be at San Quentin.

boobs said...

Gordon Gartrelle: Dead at San Quentin

Dap said...

Asking inmates if they've ever seen keyboard cat

boobs said...

or even YouTube

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