Thursday, July 9, 2009

A VISIT FROM DAP: Hausu + Coors Light Ad

Hausu is a 1977 flick from the homie Nobuhiko Obayashi. It is AMAZING. There's not like, 30 seconds that goes by without some inventive visual shit going on. And I don't usually even give a shit about artsy things like that! Check out this absolutely amazing two and a half minute sequence of blood-spewing cats, a violent lampshade and shrieking Japanese ladies. Or just come kick it with me on a Tuesday, I got the same shit going on.

This is a little snippet I uploaded the other day from a Stretch and Bobbito show from the mid-90s (1996?). It's one of those "urban ads" with R & B singing. The lyrics are the same 4 words repeated over and over. I've always thought targeted advertising was the worst on some 'THIS IS WHAT YOU THINK OF MY PEOPLE?' type-shit. This isn't THAT bad, but it's still funny cause they tried pretty hard to make it sound like a genuine (generic) mid-90s R & B song.

Stretch Armstrong talking about playing "violent music" on his show back in the day:
"This may sound funny coming from someone who played a lot of the hardest and most brutal music, and I suppose it was a way for me to be rebellious, but it was also always done in context, with a lot of sarcasm and ridicule We would regularly clown the thuggish attitude on the air, even over records, exclaiming "huh hah" or "urrrragh!", making fun of tough guys, "triple beam kna'mean?" Like I said before, I was always more into beats than rhymes, which is why I tended to gravitate towards the harder stuff- the beats banged."

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