Thursday, July 16, 2009

A visit from Kate

Real life can be so good.  I was just going to throw up this favorite story about a Nigerian email scammer getting scammed, but then my mind was blown by Tom Coburn quoting Ricky Ricardo in Sonia Sotomayer's confirmation hearing.
Real life!
I wish I could be a fly on the wall all the times when Sonia Sotomayer is in private shaking her head and saying "Un...fucking...believable..."

Tom Coburn is also part of the best creepy white dude cabal since Bohemian Grove got appropriated by MGMT's sleazy little brothers,

I tried to follow Tom Coburn on Twitter, BORING.  

But here's my original point.  This involves some reading, but basically this guy starts corresponding with an email scammer of the infamous Nigerian variety, and uses his own tricks against him, luring him with promise of riches and stringing him along until he convinces this guy, the original emailer, who I imagine works diligently out of some internet cafe god knows where, to ultimately produce a statue, hand carved out of wood, of characters from the British claymation show Creature Comforts, created by the same team that made Wallace and Gromit.  This is to prove that he sponsors young artists of sufficient talent to compete for lucrative scholarships, and I end up feeling such affection for this man, who has such faith in free money, in the myth he propagates, that he actually produces this fucking statue.


Dap said...

this shit was heard to read bob, come on bob, what's going on BOB

"They can’t fool us though – you can just tell by looking at them that they’re the sort of well brought up young men that always won the spelling bee."

I've heard owen is completely illiterate

Dap said...

also that was totes my commentary on bob's posts being unreadable. i can't manage to leave my house...

boobs said...

what did i do! i never won a spelling bee in my life (losing words: mayonnaise, syzygy, lesbionic)

CF Edley said...

can we talk about how i like nigerian scam artists and pirates no matter what?

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