Friday, July 10, 2009

A VISIT FROM DAP: Pervy Presidents + Daggerin' Condoms (UPDATED)

Peep Obama checking out this red dress broad, then getting over chicks in the second post while Sarkozy and Berlusconi try to outperv each other checking out this other lady. Take it e-z you gross old fucks!

While reading about Vybz Kartel, I found that he's started his own brand of condoms in some sort of "don't get burned" campaign. They're called DAGGERIN' after some Jamaican slang for boning. Check out the packaging "Playsafe Ramp Rufff Till Game Ova!!" No doubt.

Update 6:05 P.M.: The homie Chris Edley just gchatted me this disgusting/hilarious definition of Daggerin' that I think explains the whole thing a little better. I left the spelling errors intact.

Daggering 26 up, 4 down
Daggering is a Jamaican term used to describe extremely rough sex where the penis is used in a dagger like fashion to repeatedly stab at the vagina in violent and plundering manner. Daggering can be dangerous to both parties and can cause traumatic genital injuries and horrific mutilation of the junk.
I was daggering this transient bitch I met a truck stop when I herd a snap followed by excrutiating pain steming from my dong.


CF Edley said...

Daggering is actually a problem. Urban dic's def is weak. It really means having super-fast super-hard sex, particularly in a club with soundsystem busting out really high bpm joints. It should take less than two minutes to bust. I'm not that into the riddim, though, , but the idea is fucking amazing. Oh wait, so the new new problem is that doods break their dicks, that is, rip they dick muscles. Which is real.

boobs said...


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