Wednesday, July 29, 2009

\\\not a dream, true story

So I went out last night to see IN who I'm finna manage now, along with the Castles. I was out pretty late - about 5 AM or so. Like any night/morning, I thought it would be a good idea to grab a bacon egg and cheese. Actually, I knew I wanted a sandwich but the man behind the counter asked if I wanted a bacon egg and cheese - and I did - because people in the business of food service often know me better than I know myself. So I place a 1$ Mucho Mango on the counter, ask for a pack of Marlboro Milds, and go smoke one outside as I wait for my sammy and to pay. I ask if its okay for me to go outside before I pay and the man behind the counter makes some smug comment about how its no concern to him because he knows that I know that it's in my best interest to not do so. I'm like, yeah whatever man. Right then 2 drunk 19-20 year olds walk in and one of them touches my Mucho Mango. I noticed this much. The man behind the counter said something - I imagine "that's not yours". For a minute, these dudes fall off my radar as I sign to get my bacon egg and cheese, cigarettes, and $1 Arizona Iced Tea corp beverage. Before I'm out the door I have fresh bacon in my mouthpiece. Before I walk the one block to my apartment building, I'm 3/4 done with my 1/2 of a bacon egg and cheese. Before I knew it, these 2 dudes are lunging at me out of no where. They both start doing what I imagine was an attempt to "pound" on me but their punches weren't anything impressive. The only thing I could say was "I don't even got anything." I hit one of them and he falls to the ground. Immediately the both of them run away as I yell "you fuckin pussies!" at them real loud. As I try to gather my belongings - bacon egg and cheese and mucho mango - I realize something was missing. THOSE DUDES JUMPED ME FOR MY 1$ MUCHO MANGO ARIZONA ICED TEA. Also, during the scuffle I managed to get hot, melted, eggcheese all over my white collared shirt. The same collared shirt that prompted an attractive woman to call me "college boy" earlier that night - now a waste. I totally would have bought these losers their own Mucho Mangos if they asked. BUT THEY DIDNT. INSTEAD THEY JUMPED ME.


Dap said...

"because people in the business of food service often know me better than I know myself."

Dap said...

also the delorean ayrton senna ep is sooo dope on some tough alliance with breakbeats

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