Tuesday, July 28, 2009


In this dream I was hanging out the spare room of a girl I know's house. The room was completely full of junk, the best pile of which was a milk crate in the center of the room that was full of used electric guitars. I picked up some sort of bastardized Model V guitar and started plucking the strings and smoking cigarettes, all of which were smaller than normal and tasted of incense. This was, I think, some bizarre way of impressing the girl who was somewhere in the house. After I was finished with this, I decided to go outside by climbing out the window (which was normal in the dream) and ended up waiting for the bus. Once I got on I was sitting next to Shaquille O'Neal who was wearing full MTA garb. He told me he worked for the MTA on Tuesdays during the day to give back to the community. I asked him how I could get to the L train and he said we passed it so I should just wait on the bus till it goes around again. He got up and started driving the bus while I started asking him questions about the NBA. His shift, which apparently was about 15 minutes of driving the bus ended and we went back to the girl's house to play guitars. Then my phone rang (IRL), ruining what was probably going to end up being an awesome jam-out.

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