Tuesday, March 31, 2009

\\\musics: bear hands on woxy

including a new song "camel convention" i can't hear at work:


\\\smiley culture - slam bam

this may be the busiest day ive had at work all year. busy is good.

Chris Edley put me on to this. I can't hear it at work but i bet its off the chains and shit n shit.


\\\watch out y'all

Asher Roth

*dont get it twisted. brownie right there is an mtv vijay or something.


\\\venket built a 6 foot glass tank for his frontosas

my friend ryder's recently become obsessed with fish tanks. i dont think he's going to get one anymore though he's spent the last 4 months or so acquainting himself with everything about fish tanks via the wealth of message boards there apparently are that are devoted to... fish tanks. ("aquariums" if you want to be fancy about... fish tanks.) i wont include the funny race joke ryder made to accompany sending me this link which is a huge race joke anyway. i can tell you the joke was funny though.

my favorite part of this is the whole thing. ryders is the fact that they "say the names of all the cats in the pics." for a brief moment i thought cats were involved and got excited. here are some choice photos from the photo essay "building a glass aquarium tank" which we at gordon gartrelle call "venket built a 6 foot glass tank for his frontosas." link to the photo essay and some message boards so you can aquaint yourself with the wacky world of aquariums at the bottom:

here's nagaraj laying the bottom glass on the floor. as ravi chandran ponders: "is venket taking a big chance with his new tank? we'll soon see..." i just like the textile.

ravi warns how dangerous this business is:

this was a big step, nagaraj brings the side piece:

"now check the otherside edge too."

not sure why ravi chandran thought it was crucial to include like 400 pictures of this but if you feel the need to see more, head here:

For more info on aquariums, head to www.reefcentral.com or www.manhattanreefs.com.


Monday, March 30, 2009

\\\music: (the) tony castles

holy shit.

okay. Paul Sicilian and Gabriel Wurzel (Muggabears) are two of my homie Dylan Rau's (Bear Hands) old buds from CT. They're very talented. Paul's always played the most amazing songs on acoustic with this beautiful (no homezies!) voice in the most genuine, oh this little talent?, type of way and i love them. i've waited 2 years now? for dude to put a band together. Along with Willie Miesmer (Boogie Boarders) the three recently formed (The) Tony Castles. It's beautiful rock music. It's spastic. It's lo-fi. It's heart melting. something about hope and despair. Paul's voice is beautiful. Paul is beautiful. Gaby is beautiful. I don't know Willie but that dood's prolly beautiful too.

Go here and listen to all three of these songs:


\\\couple tings

My unabashed hate for white-rapper who took a sociology class and thinks it qualifies him to make insane statements on race and black materialism, which he can't ever understand, Asher Roth is no secret. I received confirmation that Asher Roth knows he's a racist in a new song that surfaced recently - Larked on my Go Kart - in which he continues to rap about being a college stoner with nothing interesting to say. Roth dropped this gem:

Mario Kart skills are outrageous/
Play me any day and I'll be the best racist/
no erase it/ meant to say racer/
traded in my cell phone for a new pager/

I'd love to see stupid rapper Charles Hamilton beat stupid rapper Asher Roth in Sonic the Hedgehog, and then stupid rapper Asher Roth beat stupid rapper Charles Hamilton in Mario Kart, and then for them to write the stupidest song about it. My take on the two:

Charles Hamilton, spending hella guap on sweater vests/
From Old Navy, or games for Sega Genesis, that old baby/
Asher roth's minds blown cuz "blacks" wear plaid?/
Took a soc(sosh) class at emory and now he conscious rap?/

eh, its okay.

///the dream.
the best musician in the world is the dream. im glad i have 3 friends to co-sign this insane statement. like neyo, dude made his name writing great r&B songs for less talented people than him. did you know that in addition to music, Dream is also an accomplished artist who has created many paintings and sculptures, some of which have been shown at various art galleries throughout Atlanta. He is now engaged to singer/songwriter Christina Milian." 2 more reasons to respect the man's grustle (a combination of grind and hustle, of course - (c) bran) . more reasons i like the dream...

Courtesy of first mp3 blog ever, Fluxblog, here's a song called Mr. Yeah by The Dream. I'd write more but Fluxblog dude sums up why this is awesome better than I can. I would have gone without the "He's barely even thinking about that.": Mr. Yeah

"For the first couple minutes of "Mr. Yeah," The-Dream sounds smooth and confident. Or, perhaps more accurately, smug and cocky. He’s singing to an ex who is still getting with him on the side, and from his perspective this means exactly one thing: Her subsequent boyfriends are fools, and he’s the only one who can do her right. Maybe that is true, but there has got to be a reason why he’s the ex, right? He’s barely even thinking about that. As the song progresses, his cockiness fades a bit, but only to be replaced by neediness — his resentment of her current man becomes more obvious, and he openly states his desire to return to full-time boyfriend status in a shaky but certain phone-voice. After that point, the song shifts from bouncy flirtation to sentimental slow jam, sort of the audio equivalent of seamlessly transitioning from a playful club strut to getting down on bended knee in a room decorated with candles and rose petals. Thankfully, The-Dream defuses the sudden seriousness of the song’s conclusion with a boyish punchline: "Can we fuck now?" "

Here's Rocking That Thang which I've now watched the video for about 36 times. If I was 13 I would request this on the radio. If I was 13 I'd also still be upset my homegirl Amy called me to tell me Biggie died.

And here's a song about dusting off his old R. Kelly 12 Play cd to play while twisting a shorty out.
Lyrics include: "we gon come up off that bed, push up to the dresser/ yeah, yeah/ got her all up on my cd player/ skip, skip, skip skip skip skip skip skip/ back to seven yeah"

///greedhead (on materialism). thinkin bout copping this to make Real people music:

I also have an exclusive "go ahead" to leak a couple of tunes from a Swiss artist I'm told is off the chains by a reliable source but I haven't peeped the tunes yet. Not actually looking at or reading or listening to something a trusted friend recommends I put up on my blog is what this blog is built off of so we'll see how bored I get around 5 PM and whether or not I post them.



Friday, March 27, 2009

\\\ arranged marriage... Rashida Jones

been a while since i brought back the arranged marriage post. rashida jones is the best. and she's quincy jones' daughter. this one's what we call a no brainer. i cant pick what to quote from her awesome wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rashida_Jones. wiki wiki..

Here's Rashida with sister Kidada Jones. Who's a stylist. And apparently was engaged to Tupac when he got murked/mercked. Cool suspenders.



Video of Mos Def late at night in the studio talking about being a fan of DOOM. Isa put me on.

Another thing on the internet to look at for 3 minutes:

Keeping Up With the Jetsons from Odoms on Vimeo.

and AHAHAHAH, Dap put me on:


Thursday, March 26, 2009

\\\blogging is fun

\\\lets see, couple tings:

we (DR) were going to be mentioned in the next issue of blender but that's not happening because the magazine folded this morning. +30 to unemployment line. according to gawkzy, "paid subscriptions fell 8% [from 2007-08] to 768,000, while newsstand sales declined 18% to 44,233." somewhat related, in a recent interview with blender kelly clarkson admitted to peeing in the shower and checking her tissues to see what color her boogies is. (the insider)


finished junot diaz. the brief wondrous life of oscar WOW THATS A GREAT FUCKING BOOK. (WOW THATS A DUMB FUCKING JOKE). still digesting it. up until now i've almost only read Diaspora lit by south asians but this is a book that's made me rethink that. perhaps it speaks to my dominican half. (im half dominican). in any event, for dude to win a pulitzer for writing a book that uses the word "dude" in the same way I just did... to me, das crazy. das the most awesome thing ever.

junot diaz is speaking at wesleyan on april 1. (thx tito). i am vaguely considering driving up to wesleyan to see this dude speak for 45 minutes and then driving back here.

the next award-winning book im going to read and wish i wrote the entire time is:

From The Guardian: "Even before reaching the big city, Balram Halwai, the "white tiger" of the title, learns the law of the jungle and resolves to be on the eating (as opposed to the edible) side. We first meet our hero as he divulges his journey to success in an email to the Chinese premier, Wen Jiabao. As Balram relates his determined ascent from a remote village to Delhi and the glorious job of chauffeur, the narrative pops and fizzes, but little more. Then, midway through, Balram warns that things are about to grow darker, and it is at this point that the 2008 Booker winner shows its true stripes. Unexceptional, if colourful, satire evolves speedily into a brooding, paranoid tale as Balram catches the scent of rich men's blood. Fantastic."

from interview with brookbrowse.com:

Who are some of your literary influences? Do you identify yourself particularly as an Indian writer?

It might make more sense to speak of influences on this book, rather than on me. The influences on The White Tiger are three black American writers of the post-World War II era (in order), Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin, and Richard Wright. The odd thing is that I haven't read any of them for years and years -- I read Ellison's Invisible Man in 1995 or 1996, and have never returned to it -- but now that the book is done, I can see how deeply it's indebted to them. As a writer, I don't feel tied to any one identity; I'm happy to draw influences from wherever they come.

sounds awesome enough for me... because i guess that's what im into.... black people things and indian people things processed through my brain in a white people way... i think. (IM TRYING TO FIND MYSELF.)


here are some joints, via bezt muzik blog on ze internet gvsb, that i've been jamming to frequently:

bullion - time for us all to love

j dilla - walkinonit (phaseone remix)

i think everything phaseone has touched is pretty banana-gers. here's TREE more TINGS by phaseone:

grouper :: heavy water (phaseone edit)

panda bear :: i'm not (phaseone remix)

burial :: archangel (phaseone remix)

if this is the song i think it is from some time ago, it's pretty rad too, albeit entirely different from anything above there:

the shivers - beauty

new grizzly bear thats been leaked errywhere. im thinking about pre-ordering it on vinyl but its 2 months away. might cop that company flow re-issue instead:

grizzly bear :: cheerleader

disclaimer: if im told to take these down for fucking with dudes bandwidth or some techie or copyright shit i dont know about, i'ma do that thing.

heres a video of grizz-b (as i'll call them from now on) performing "two weeks" with victoria from beach house:

\\\nothing particularly

I had a screen shot of matthew perry from the opening credits of an early season of friends here but its not loading. heres lame later-season matthew perry around vicodin-addiction era.

here are two pictures of old school indian actress madhubala aka MUMTAZ BEGUM JEHAN DEHLAVI?!?!!?!? awesome:

and heres a screen shot from chaudvin ka chand which was on the indian tv channel i fucks with last night. it was also worked into that movie 'east is east' in a kewl way. i think someone has my dvd of this shit. hit me back off if its YOO.


here'z a song from that movie. possibly one of my all-time fave song joints. ze visual accompaniment is pretty dope too. after two previous films flopped, both later praised as classics of the time, guru dutt acted and produced this film but didn't direct it -- word on the block is that he did though, and gave his DP the Director credit cuz he felt bad and didnt want another movie he directed to flop.

very similar to chaudvin ka chand was a 2:00 film called SKATE WITCHES that victor sent over yesterday. SKATE WITCHES, a film by Danny Plotnick, is about a gang of female skate boarders and their pet rats. They terrorize allll the boy skate boarders in town cuz they don't give a shiet:


a.p.c. summer 09 clothez i can't fit into: http://usonline.apc.fr/#

ralph lauren rugby duffel coat... duffels are the popoff...

that's all folks.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

\\\ news

i've been looking at apartments lately. it's a lot of fun. it starts with having to write those e-mails telling people a little bit about yourself. i usually start with something like "since i was a wee lad i've wanted to live in an AWESOME BR in A 3 BR DUPLEX OFF MONTROSE." then i babble about myself a little bit and talk about how i'm clean and my vibes are 80/20 pos/neg. when i get there, i like to walk into the bathroom and gesture like i'm brushing my teeth and washing my face to vibe the room out. then i take mental snaps of the room and guesstimate how furniture would fit. then i demand being allowed to sit down on the couch for 4 minutes so i can see what kind of couch we're dealing with here. after that i make a joke like "ahh, this is where i would put the meth-lab. you guys are down with ice right? you holdin?" that ones a bit hit or miss. most people like the meth jokes but some of em, not so much. they get a little weirded out.


\\\wideo: no one does it like you - dept of eaglez + where the wild thingz are trailer

Really swate : No One Does It Like You - Department of Eagles - Directed by Patrick Daughters :

Did every elementary school library have a Where the Wild Things Are poster hung up or was it just mine? I think about that poster a lot. This isn't the exact one but:

"The trailer for Where the Wild Things Are which premiered on the Ellen Show. An adaptation of Maurice Dendaks classic childrens story, where Max, a disobedient little boy sent to bed without his supper, creates his own world - a forest inhabited by ferocious wild creatures that crown Max as their ruler."



This is my new all-time fave celebrity endorsement. My brother played me this one from a show he did at U. Wisconsin. Some lightweight analysis:

During this scene Pippen says "This is one six footer I can't handle one-on-one. Ladies, let's party" He comes off sounding both a)very gay b)like a bisexual deviant who likes to engage in threeways. Both of those things would be completely cool if it weren't for homeboy's way of uncomfortably turning his head while acting. It's not really his fault, there's an insanely phallic sandwich standing in the middle of a court, along with a nice white/black cheerleader combo. Also, I love the way he dribbles up to the sandwich, then briefly pauses to admire it. Very respectful. Overall a very 'Rick James' approach to eating a gigantic sandwich.

I always thought I wanted to be rich and famous, but if it involves women staring at me every time I want to eat a sandwich, forget it. After the 'party' line you'd expect the next scene to be at a club with cocaine and flashing lights, instead, this indoor picnic. Also, Scottie Pippen was a millionaire and the second best player on the Bulls at that time. It looks like the guy made him sit down mid-court on a high school gym floor for this commercial. Very egalitarian.
Final notes. 1) MR. SUBMARINE? REALLY? 2) The music is actually really good.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

\\\youtoob/news: white rapper drops n word at rap battle

In hitherto unheard of news, a white guy participating in a wack emcee gathering in Spokane dropped the n-word at a rap battle. This is unchartered territory.



\\\music: this some shit: new video for panda bear's 'take pills' by gang gang dance's gavin degraw

According to GVB, this video of Take Pills by Panda Bear is complete with "with visuals and weird reversed/pitch-shifted sounds" ...


\\\Music: African Connection Mix from Italians Do It Better's Mike Simonetti

"Since I have some downtime this month and Ifinally got the studio together (after a year)i decided to do a mix. This one is called AfricanConnection and it is mostly African disco lps and 45's mixed with some Caribbean and Jamaican tunes in there for good measure. no real mixinghere, just kicking back and fading in and out for maximum early Spring vibes, so dont expecta dj spectacular here- its all about the selection. As a matter of fact, this mix wasdone while playing with the big man on the floor-- true multitasking. Anyone who can guess these tracks will get any three Italians releases of their choice. This one's gonna be a little tougher than the Albuterol mix!"


This one's for Chris Edley's birthday. WEB LOG SHOUTOUT.


Monday, March 23, 2009


Here are twoTrinidadian Soca songs courtesy of Mad Decent:


\\\GG's very own DAP in Khammam Regional Version of Andhra Pradesh newspaper EENADU

This is me writing an article about an article in a Telegu newspaper with a photo of Gordon Gartrelle contributor DAP and his brother Hari Kondabolu (who's recently been added to the blog roll [Hari's Online Humour Journal]). The article talks about an article featuring Hari in the India Currents.


\\\ i wrote this for yoo when i should have been working

On Positive Energy and Dealing With The Anxiety of Late Capitalism and Becoming a Happy Person

Separating Yourself From Negative Vibe Emanators

Negative energy can eminate off of a NVE's physical being and on to you via proximity. Thus the first step in the process of gaining positive energy during these trying times is to separate yourself from all NVEs in your life. Create a spiritual firewall to prevent NVEs from entering your spiritual zone. It's a well-known fact that negative energy is tranferred much faster than positive energy. There is extreme potential for Negative Vibe Emanators to absorb Positive Energy from PVEs and exchange it for Negative Vibes. I've seen it before.

Creating Your Own Positive Energy, Becoming a Positive Vibe Emanator

Obviously on the flipside to the aforementioned, surround yourself with Positive Vibe Emanators. One of the easiest ways to be a positive vibe emanator is to be an idiot and have no concerns about the people or world around you. If this applies to you, I don't think we'd be buds or you'd be a reader of my web log. I'll skip over this method. In general, discussing idiot PVEs (IPVEs) or NVEs is an easy route to becoming an NVE. The toxic combination of absorbing negative vibes from others and creating your own negative vibes create what I call a vicious bicycle. The most important thing is to be a PVE - nothing is as important. To a certain extent, you are who you pretend to be. If not, it is at least a fraction of your overall existence. Even if pretending to feel happy, eventually your mind will convince you that you are indeed happy and eventually feeling upset becomes uncomfortable not for the specific negative vibe-creating circumstances but solely because you're no longer used to it. In this instance it is no longer an option to emanate positive vibes, but turning a leaf becomes a necessity. So be happy. Be cognizant of positive and negative energy. If you sense negative energy in a group situation, bring up the fact that those vibes are not cool at all. In times like this, people want something to believe in and eventually your whole friendship circle becomes one that emanates positive vibe-age. Vibes can be ironic too but all that is ironic comes from a place of truth. It was really fun watching Laguna Beach for the white coonery, but the next thing you know you genuinely enjoy the show. So even if you think it's all a joke, embrace it, and eventually you'll see the light. Blind materialism also helps, as buying stuff will make you feel better if it's a cool thing you bought. Additionally, help your economy out! As my dad never said but probably did "Giving help is wealth!" He did say Health is Wealth; so keep that in mind as well.

On Physical Methods of Creating Positive Vibes

There are physical ways to balance one's energy and become a PVE. Yoga is not one of them. Yoga, like Magic, is not real. Yoga may have been real at one point, though this modern mass-commoditized bastardized version of an activity I thoroughly enjoyed participating in with my grandmother as a child... is a joke. One physical method of creating positive energy involves taking the yoga matt out of someone's back pack and beating them with it though you do so at the risk of creating negative energy via perception of others (NEVPO). NEVPO is when someone misunderstands your positive energy to be negative and a resulting glance or comment has the power to change your energy. NEVPO is a big part of absorbing negative energy from others so be weary. A natural method of creating positive energy, without the risk of NEVPO, is being outdoors. As everyone knows, your positive energy naturally rises as the weather gets better. Thus at this specific time of the year, you get a head start on becoming a PVE. Be outdoors as much as you can. The opposite of a vicious bicycle, is a bicycle. Buy one. Ride it. Visit a place far away from your home base as you may become accustomed to locational vibes. Ride your bike to queens, pick up some positive energy, and transfer those locational vibes to your home base where they can then reside. This is a fleeing form of positive energy though it could perpetuate into longer-term positive vibes. If you're a girl, chances are you'll look prettier on a bike and this is one sure-fire way to become a PVE. In this visual driven society, being good looking can turn your vibes to positive via positive energy via perception of others (PEVPO). People assume good looking people are automatically filled with positive energy and give you glances that may turn your good looking negative energy into positive energy. If you're not good looking, hit the gym and read more books. While you're at the gym, do not engage in anything called Yoga. You can drink a calming tea.

Another great way to create positive vibes is to create art that will bring positive vibes to others and also make you feel good about your positive vibe generation. Getting lost in the process, you take your mind off of any negative circumstances that can down your vibe-age. People will also think you're cool and send PEVPO your way. Colors are so cool. Listening to good music is cool too. Here's a shitty drawing I made that caused me to have a little bit more positive energy:

Invent your own forms of physical positive vibe creation.

Two methods I've embraced that you are free too as well: The first method I call Sooryavansham. I thought this was a real Sanskrit way to say Sun Welcome but it may not be. It is definitely a 1999 Bollywood film starring Amitabh Bachchan. As I mentioned, the Sun is a natural positive vibe emanating organism. It may be our biggest resource in the vibe game. Embrace the sun. When you wake up in the morning, stare at the sun with eyes closed and palms pointed toward the source of light. Do so for 2 minutes, perhaps repeating a mantra. If you're guru hasn't given you a mantra, you can make your own up. The palms are sensitive to both UV rays and vibes. As the UV rays enter your physical being through your palms, they automatically turn into positive vibes. This is another fleeing form of positive energy as results may decrease after 5 minutes though performing this ritual in the morning can cause an avalanche of positive vibes perpetuated off of this initial ritual.

My second form of physical creation of positive vibe emanation is based in both absorption and nostalgia. Perform a Sooryavansham while spinning, arms out higher than they would be for the previous ritual. When you were a kid and couldn't drink beer, chances are you did this for fun. Feeling like a kid is always fun.

While on the topic of children I should mention that they are the ultimate positive vibe emanating people. Pets have a tendency to go both ways whereas children will always be positive vibe emanators. If you have a nephew or niece you haven't seen in some time, go play with them. Absorb their positive vibes. They have enough to share.

Finally, pot helps. Weed edge for life.

For more information on positive energy, leave a comment and I can come back to you. Thanks!

Also, no donations necessary. I do this for the kids.

** Update: Some may believe my hating of Yoga may qualify me for being an NVE. I don't hate on yoga, I offer alternatives. True spirituality comes from within oneself, not commodifiable methods of cheaply attained positive energy. Positive energy can't be sold or bought. There's no market for vibes. Even to those attending free yoga seminars, I simply suggest that you come up with your own form of Yoga, though perhaps void of that title. Be your own guru. Perhaps my hatred comes from a place of race, I'll admit this. And perhaps my inability to look beyond race is an inherent source of NVE. This may be the case, but I embrace my race for all its N's and P's and ultimately there's a net P to my vibe-age levels. Race can be both N and P, you have to decide which it is for you.

Also, Al in the comment stream mentioned that creating false positive energy runs a risk, upon realization of the falsity, of standing in the way of true positive energy. I don't make a distinction. Ultimately upon perpetuating itself, the source of this positive energy is not what matters - the result is. Happy vibing kids!


youtube\\\ S3A URCH1N!

Ray put me on to this via Victor putting him on to it, and well, I'm in thug with this young stoner chick I think. Take notes:

S3A URCH1N on Train Wreck x OG

S3A URCH1N on Purple Diesel

S3A URCH1N on Jack Herer


cool kids\\\ apliiq pahty in spin

I guess this was kind of the unofficial first convivial gentry party... [Untitled-3.jpg]


blogs\\\ briyanshu.blogspot.com

My homegirl riffo put me on to this:
"A white, American gay guy looking at Indian men (aka Briyanshu's Bollywood Butt Blog)."

I take it Briyanshu's real name might be Brian?


music\\\ Here We Go Magic

Y'all know I'm feeling thiz adventurouz band. They zound like what it feelz like to love a mermaid lady. (Maybe juzt the one zong about wanting to meet zomeone underwater but ztill.) Luke temple and company stopped by woxy.com to play zome zongs for y'all.

via GVB via Woxy, here's a new unreleazed Here We Go Magic song called "surprise"


fashion\\\ Rapha Tweed Caps + Operations Mechanics Jacket

"In 2007 Rapha collaborated with Paul Smith to produce two limited edition tweed-style cycling caps. The popularity of this idiosyncratic style demanded Rapha deliver a new line in tweed caps. 2009 brings three new and distinctive interpretations of the classic cycling biretta, rendered in fabrics more usually associated with fine bespoke tailoring. A perfect accessory for the sartorial cyclist." - Rapha.cc

+ I came across this mechanic's jacket from Operations on Selectism. Large front angled pockets, a mustard color that only looks well on jackets, and high waist.

operartions-mechanics-jacket-front Operations Mechanics Jacket


fashion\\\ Pegleg for Opening Ceremony

(via Hypebeast) Streetwear line Pegleg's new collection exclusively for Opening Ceremony. These are kind of fresh.

pegleg opening ceremony tees Pegleg for Opening Ceremony T Shirt Collection



(Via Hypebeast) They also dropped looks from their Spring 09 collection. Muted color tones. I dig it.

pegleg 2009 spring summer 1 Pegleg 2009 Spring Collection


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///yo brian eno


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