Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Visitation rights for CF Edley: Some shit I think about; Disco?

Actually, "think" might be a stretch. I feel about this. Yeah. That's it. And it's probably definitely disco. I'm not an ironic 'blipster', or an apathetic psuedo-nostaligic doodootank, or even a pathetic nostalgic doodoonut. There's no intentional "webslinging" def. 1, but these song/videos make me think my dick's wet/whet my dick.

The first is Junior (Giscombe), who's rad, and about whom pangaea90 says "Looks like Eddie Griffin whom I think is ultra HOT!" Nice use of 'whom', but I think he's hotter than Eddie "Irish Jam" Griffin, no promo (but check out Irish Jam. Fucking terrible.). Here's what's good:

I tipped the bartender in this Shalamar vid $5k to confuse the narrative. Shalamar is actually a kinda important band. They had a lot of hits, especially in the UK, and Don Cornelius from Soul Train sorta made them happen:

Finally theOdyssey really got it going on here with their use of both "the fog jump/disappear" and "the reverse fog jump/reappear." They also like this a lot in the UK. I like it here, for obvious reasons, maybe:
Husky. Does this raise any questions? Yes.

Dood threw hecka giscombe in that soup before serving it to table 69.


Hima said...

i was thinkin about shalamar and shorty from soul train like 3 hours ago - weird. dope. WORDVER- bloseade

Trendology said...

I love Shalamar in a truly passionate way...and blog about them frequently.

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