Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A VISIT FROM DAP: Tacuinum Sanitatis/Vomit

From Wikipedia: The Tacuinum (sometimes Taccuinum) Sanitatis is a medieval handbook on wellness, based on the Taqwin al‑sihha ("Tables of Health"), an eleventh-century Arab medical treatise by Ibn Butlan of Baghdad. Though describing in detail the beneficial and harmful properties of foods and plants, it is far more than a herbal: listing its contents organically rather than alphabetically, it sets forth the six essential elements for well-being:

* sufficient food and drink in moderation,
* fresh air,
* alternations of activity and rest,
* alternations of sleep and wakefulness,
* secretions and excretions of humours, and finally
* the effects of states of mind.

I don't know about all that, but check out this awesome 14th century illustration of a dude vomiting. I found this in a strange, roundabout manner within the last thirty minutes. I was watching a cartoon that mentioned the hot dog eating contest. I wikipedia'd that to find out who the current champ is (Joey "the Jaws" Chestnut). After reading further, I clicked on the banned "roman method" which is just competitive food eating jargon for vomiting while eating. The link led to the Wikipedia entry for vomit, and this is the image I found. Glorious. I like to call it "And Then She Left Me..."

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