Monday, May 4, 2009

A VISIT FROM KATE: this one time i was on the internet...

I just found this website.  NSFW.  Do you need to know that?  YES SAFE for those living in the kingdom of beneficent photoshop fantasy.  
This is an example of using photoshop for good, not for evil like how I do.  No judgment, just love.  

Here's some sample copy:

Boytaurs love feet; not surprising, considering how many feet we and our boytaur friends have to share and enjoy! More often than not, you'll find a boytaur with his four feet bare, or in four matching flip-flops or sandals. If not, you can be sure that they'll welcome any help in getting their four shoes or boots off quickly, so that their four feet can be free and bare again!
Of course, more boytaur feet are always welcome, and while boytaurs often decide to add more legs, many—if not most—boytaurs have feet hanging from the wrists of their muscular arms... four-legged and six-footed! Nothing beats the caress of a wristfoot, warm and gentle, soft and sensitive while heavy and firm. The very touch brings arousal, as a boytaur takes his boytaurfriend's face between his wristfeet, framing it gently between the sensitive soles, to kiss him, as their multiple hardons grow heavy and drooling between their many legs.
In fact, wristfeet are so popular, some boytaurs consider the term "wristfooted boytaur" to be almost redundant. But they never complain, because the word is almost as intoxicating as the wristfeet themselves; wrapping their lips around the syllables is the next best thing to wrapping their lips around the toes of the wristfeet of their boytaur friends—or their own!


Hima said...

how do you do it!

Dap said...

**mad uncomfortable**

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