Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I had a dream where I was trying to hide a gun somewhere in a bar. My parents were there. Various other people from my life would show up and leave. I was attracted to a woman who was a composite of numerous women I know. She was asleep in the middle of a pond in a dark corner of the bar. I curled up next to her.

After some time, my mom asked me to sweep up the bar because it was a mess so I started sweeping and realized that the floor was covered in sand. The bar changed into a wooden rooftop patio and I was sweeping sand into some alleyway below. It became unclear as to whether I was inside or outside. The scene somehow smoothly transitions into a house party.

As I'm leaving the party, I run into famed rapper/actor Ludacris. I tell him I'm in a rap band but he seems distracted and I'm like "Oh well, fuck it. It's just Ludacris."


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Hima said...

i often sleep to the sounds of hot 97 and very recently the dream's rockin that thang remix f/ the def jam all stars, including luda, was on just as i was floating into dreamland. i heard every verse vividly - fabo, juelz, ross - but luda's verse sounded like a continuous stream of da da da da da da da da da da da and with an effect on it like i was on whipits. no ones dreams have room for luda. (verification - leoleni)

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