Saturday, May 9, 2009


Hey, I'm KOOL A.D. but my slave name is Victor Vazquez. I decided I'm just going to blog mostly about dreams I have because everyone else seems to be holding it down hellof well on the Youtube/Google image search/links-to-various-shit-on-the-internet front.


I had a scary dream the other night that Christopher "Play" Martin of the rap duo Kid 'N Play was involved in a brutal murder/suicide scandal with his ex-wife (Shari Headley, most famous for her role in the Eddie Murphy film Coming to America).

In the dream, Shari Headley killed Play, forged a suicide note in his blood in which he "confessed" to killing her, and then killed herself, effectively framing Play for murder/suicide FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE. At first the media reported the event as though Play had committed the murder/suicide, but then, upon discovering the results of the DNA testing of the blood on the scene of the crime, everyone realized the horrible truth. It was a huge media sensation. Who knew that Shari Headley was so crazy?

So I was bodilessly floating around the house where this had all taken place (dried bloodstains on the walls of a relatively empty two story apartment with that half-opaque painting-dropcloth type of plastic covering what little furniture was in there), while a Wikipedia entry about the event was superimposed over the whole scene. Looking back on it now, it's a fucking horrifying dream but at the time I was just feeling that weird morbid sense of detached curiosity I feel when I'm reading about some terrible shit that happened (often enough on Wikipedia).

Interestingly enough, the Wikipedia entry also noted that late in his career, Play changed his name to "OK Play" and then again to "OK Later."

OK later,

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