Thursday, May 7, 2009

Exacerbation Rights for CF Edley: soopahhh live plan

dunno, blogoriddim. trying to decide a future. can't turn to pillar of salt. i feel like a silly deer in nyc. oh how i'm opening upto you. you're my friend. you're my scary new best friend. and i hate you just to say i see what you don't say. i hate poetry because i tried it. oh lardy lard a heartfelt pose on gigga-gig gartrelle. mi nonsense. essenstially i'm gonna put up this track by Annette Peacock:

I think she's white. I'd look up and find out, but I'm too damn half-white and existentially fucked. basically it's the best sly song ever, so that makes it half white, right?

anyway, i think i'm gonna move back to portland oregon. is bi-coastal faggy?


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