Wednesday, May 20, 2009

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on sunday before watching star trek and live-tweeting sex and the city, i started what i reckon will be a long-lasting tradition : rap sundays. on rap sunday, you could have seen me mixing rap songs off of various tabs. here are some of my favez from that "sesh."

  • gucci mane. gucci mane is probably best known for his single "freaky gurl," his insane chain game, his long criminal record, and for being a rapper named gucci mane. gucci recently signed with warner brothers records. he was recently let go from prison on weededge and burner (weapons) charges.
Gucci Mane - First Day Out - via Corporate Bloggin', who are a french trap rap blog? and thus include hyperlinks to commonplace american slang words like birds and benjamins. hes also hell of well known for his beef with jeezy. in 05 he was charged with murdering an aspiring rapper who had ties to jeezy. he claimed it was self defense and they dropped the charges aka he beat them like rocky a la jay-z's h to the izzo. ya dig? here's an example of what you could here on a gucci track:

I’m counting out money in my living-room,
birds everywhere, I call it the CHICKEN ROOM
Pills in the cabinet, pounds in the den,
attic full of guns, basement full of benjamins

on one track, jeezy offered a bounty for gucci mane's diamond chain. peep gucci's chain game:

hilarious. the only information wikipedia provides on atl's oj da juiceman is that in songs "he frequently calls himself "young juice man." thanks wiki. can i do better? no. though i do know he's on that swizzy and jada joint that goes "if you're real and you know it clap your hands" and sheds light on the age old debate of who's real and who's fake? you see... "he's phony, she's fake."

Whos Real feat. Swizz Beatz & OJ Da Juiceman - Jadakiss

look at dudes chain and his stacks, on deck.

Here's dude with Gucci and Cam, three of the best trappers in the game: OJ Da Juiceman feat Gucci Mane & Cam'ron - Make the Trap Say Ay - via Corporate Bloggin'

Also from mouse rapper OJ da Juiceman (ay!) is a mediocre jawn I heard one time called I Talk via Corporate Bloggin'

any conversation on OJ da Juiceman inevitably reminds me of RA the Rugged Man, failed underground rapper from Suffolk County. but i digress:

this one has a line in which people ask if they missed a mercedes sale cuz of how insane fabolous's mercedes automobile game is. Fabolous f/ The Dream - Throw It In The Bag (zshare)

the next song is the best song ever. Young Money Entertainment, Weezy's imprint which includes Drake, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, and Mack Maine, will be dropping a collabo album this year and this is the lead single. In it a couple of amazing things happen:

  • All these dudes talk about how they wish they could fuck every girl in the world. Like, every girl? Really guys. Even this chick? I feel like I'm gonna get an STD by just listening to this song. And it's so good, I don't even mind.
  • Mack Maine talks about waiting 3 years so he could legally give Miley Cyrus the business.
  • Drake continues his run as somehow the dopest rapper out in a minute.

Lil Wayne f/ Drake, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, and Mack Maine via z share

Speaking of Drake, holy shit do i enjoy this guy (update: no homo). How is it possible that "the next big thing" in hip-hop is a Canadian teen actor known for his role as Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Best I Ever Had is a constant on the radio these days, and with good reason - shit is good. Rather than providing you with the original, here's a Ted Smooth remix (via Zshare) of Best I Ever Had featuring the god Swizzy talking about his boo boo Alicia Keys: "Wake up in the morning and my baby cooked me breakfast/ ass nakedd, nothing on but a necklace" and "she gave me a party at the Guggenheim." That Guggenheim party was the first place Alicia mentioned her relationship with the then-still-married Swizzy! I wonder what kind of things he'll paint for her or which paintings he'll buy her. Oh, the beat's heck of taken from Akinyele too.
Drake f/ Swizz Beats - Best I Ever Had (Ted Smooth Remix) (via z share)

here (mediafire) he is over mediocre Santigold's Unstoppable, turning it into an actually enjoyable song.

and finally, via a little blog called the fader, heres the most recent of several remixes of NY's own maino's joint - hottest in the hood. this one features jadakiss, fabolous, rick ross, diddy, and oj da juiceman:

this is a theophilous london, mickey factz, kid cudi, cool kids free zone.
hooray rap!


Breezy said...

ye raps the bezt

gucci's cartoon character and kids cereal ice game is right

JamesDewey said...

if its rap music sunday and some kid keeps trying to put on sonic youth that kid is racist

word verification: comprei

Dap said...

hell yeah, this'll help me keep up during my bizzy wkz

KOOL A.D. said...

"holy shit do i enjoy this guy"


Leif said...

oh please gucci mane stole that chain game from niyi

peep this 2006:

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