Monday, May 18, 2009

\\\ arranged marriage update : lakshmi menon

the girls i want my parents to arrange my marriage with post has been a popular one for us at gordon gartrelle. the internet, after all, was invented by a bored dude who wanted to look at pretty girls and boobs whenever he felt like it - al gore. the inaugural post of girls i want... featured a model by the name of Lakshmi Menon who was featured in Vogue India back in September of 2008.

this is the babe im talking about...

holy shit though. lakshmi menon is about to blow the f up. this month she was booked for a "lavish 12-page shoot" in Vogue - Vogue as in the American magazine, not Vogue India (who im still mad at for that burberry shoot with working class indians in poor villages rocking burberry clothing shot from far enough away to make the viewer feel like a tourist, etc. etc. if you're reading this, Vogue India - NOT A GOOD LOOK guys). but anyway, word, this is important because it sheds light on the fact that im very good at acknowledging foxes before Vogue US.

The independent ran a cool article about her that I recommend you read if your mad feminine like me (no homo), are fond of smokeshow indian babes like too many of my friends, or are a girl that likes fashion, I guess. Nah, I read it because it's academic:

"But her success raises one, deeply unsettling question: why is she the only South Asian model regularly strutting down the international catwalks?"

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