Monday, May 18, 2009

\\\arranged marriage: aubrey plaza

back in 07 aziz ansari was just getting famous. i was all like, who's this brown dude that blogs about indie rock, makes jokes about kanye west, and looks like he went to stuyvesant with me? one time i saw him at a diplo show at studio b, and i was like "hey, ever heard of hari kondabolu?" he didn't. that same summer i once tried to get backstage at the south street seaport shows by claiming ashok was aziz ansari - "are you kidding ? do you know who this guy is?" they didn't.

now he's all famous and buddies with kanye and has a show on nbc: parks and recreation. i've peeped it a couple times and it doesn't really work for me. most upsetting is the stellar cast but lackluster laughs! (maybe i just don't "get it.") but... amy poehler! rashida jones, who was previously highlighted in this same arranged marriage section! aziz! and aubrey plaza... !

(like amy poehler and aziz ansari and heck of other funny fools) Aubrey reps that UCB fam (holla!). Oh, UCB as in upright citizens brigade, not Uncalled for Band, the DC go-go legends that now tour with WALE. (anyone remember the darryl strawberry show joint i posted here by chris gethard [is that his real name? get hard?] from ucb? that was heck of funny: )

here are some jpgs of aubrey plaza:

Aubrey Plaza by watchwithkristin.

here's aubrey plaza doing a sarah silverman impression for an SNL audition or something!


sometimes when im at work this at&t ad comes on and it has a really nice, sweet, sensitive love song that I then sing to myself all day long in this totally bro work environment. i feel real emotional feelings and then think, "when will i fall in love?!" and then i think "what is love?" and then i think "baby don't hurt me... don't hurt me..."

if my arranged marriage proposal works out, that song could be OUR song! Not the what is love song, the commercial song, by a guy named Landon Pigg:


Dap said...

aubrey plaza i adore you oh my god yr so pretty call me gurl!!

-one of those guys who posts on forums thinking the famous person reads the forum

Dap said...

-dude who saw me reading this post, regardig A. PLAZA MY WIFE

Dap said...

hmm she's actually just 'pretty good looking' TAKIN BACK HALF THE PRAISE

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