Saturday, May 2, 2009


I usually don't care for this sort of thing but this one really got to me. It's 2 short commercials in the style of those over-the-top local ads you've definitely seen before, but it manages to be entertaining enough. The guy doesn't try to stretch them out too much and his loud voice is hell of amusing. He's like the Tracy Morgan of ephemeral internet garbage!

These are apparently from, a site which I haven't, and won't, visit.

*If you aren't up on Schoolly D, or you just REALLY LIKE Schoolly D, I highly recommend this. He was the first dude to rap about drugs and skeezers with that mega-carefree attitude. WHAT DOES IT MEAN.

**If you haven't seen Peter Greenaway's
The Falls, rest assured it's the greatest movie to kill time/pass out to. Here's the premise from wikipedia: "The premise of the film is
the world has been struck by a mysterious incident called the "Violent Unknown Event" or VUE, which has killed many people and left a great many survivors suffering from a common set of symptoms: mysterious ailments (some appearing to be mutations of evolving into a bird-like form), dreaming of water (categorised by form, such as Category 1, Flight, or Category 3, Waves) and becoming obsessed with birds and flight. Many of the survivors have been gifted with new languages. They have also stopped aging, making them immortal (barring disease or injury)." It's like a shitload of simultaneous, alphabetically indexed short films about completely made-up people. They're mostly incredibly funny/awesome and it features a bunch of Brian Eno and Michael Nyman music. Download it off or something. I keep one lying around and skip to a random section, it's almost 4 hours long so there's always some part you won't quite remember. GET BUSY.

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