Friday, May 29, 2009


Just had a dream that involved me hanging out with prison guards and prisoners inside a prison. I mostly joked around with the prisoners and distributed oranges and apples from a basket to anyone who asked for one. Some of the prisoners would throw spitballs at me through the prison bars, although many prisoners just walked around freely. They wore those old, cartoony black and white striped uniforms. Everything started turning into a Nazi prison, but everyone was hanging out and joking around. At the end of the dream there was a terrifying Holocaust montage with people being dragged around and like a photo book of Holocaust victims with this terrible music in the background.

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KOOL A.D. said...

i once took a ten minute nap and had a dream i was falling down a wall past hellof jail cells with prisoners trying to grab at me through the bars, perps unleashing salvos of grabs. i didn't know if they wanted to hurt me or help me and i didn't know whether or not to be scared about falling.

latina justice,
kool a.d.

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