Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CF Edley Don't like Japan; CF love Boston and Japanese Friend

Things that make me go dumb but are freaky worth watching category go!

This was sent to me by my ol' bldg-mate, Haruna Kishida, who happens to be the best handbag designer this side of Hawaii. If anyone who reads this, or anyone reads this, and, or... wait. If anyone has any money they should buy one for me. All proceeds go to Haruna's impeccable apartment. Here's the link to Haruna's under construction website. Really seriously click around.
Japanese people in America!!!

*** UPDATE: I do like Japan. It's a cool country. Better than some other countries. It was a bad joke about a song with a video about big black man being scary. Sorry Japan. It's Nauru eats meth. Not you.

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