Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A VISIT FROM DAP: Possibly Racist Kool-Aid Commercial/Olympics Joint

I saw this commercial the same day I saw that awesome Intel commercial with Ajay Bhatt in it. Anyway, this one features a 20 oz. soda bottle that looks almost exactly like grape soda (I had to rewind the commercial to make sure it didn't actually say 'GRAPE SODA' on it. It just says 'SODA') and the Kool-Aid man racing down the beach. The Kool-Aid beats the grape soda. There's something strange going on here, I'm just not sure what. Also, Kool-Aid is way better than Soda!!!

In other goings on, the 2010 Olympic torch for Vancouver looks a lot like a burning joint. Canada's alright, but not too alright.

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