Thursday, May 7, 2009

\\\priyantha silva: what the fuck?

Have you seen this sweaty azz dood:

No, that's not DAP.
Nor is it the H-man.
That's Priyantha Silva, the drunk sketchy sweaty party crasher grifter dood. Priyantha first came on to the scene in 2006 when Radar blew up his spot. Then things were quiet in Priyantha town for some time. THEN in October of last year dood ran around telling women he was a film producer working on a film starring Jamie Foxx, Denzel, Daniel Craig, and love of my life Thandie Newton, called "LEGEND OF BLACK TOM." I'm sure he poured his blood, hell of hell of sweat, and tears, into his fictional movie projects.
Dude pretty much gets into really trendy, cool-adult-type media, fashion, film parties and then gets terribly drunk and makes up these insane stories about who he is in hopes of getting laid, and fails miserably.
Here's dude passed out at a charity ball at Cipriani Wall Street:

That was November 2008. Flash forward to LAST WEEK: Dude's still at it. Here's what a tipster sent into Gawker, from where I'm stealing all information on this intriguing weirdo:
"Before I could figure out what was happening I heard the word "enchate" (it sounded more like he said "Ashanti") and my hand was traveling up towards his thinly pursed lips. I immediately recognized him as Priyantha Silva in an ascot and was frozen with amazement. He began to drunkenly talk to us about how he was a big time movie producer and was leaving this event to attend 3 tribeca film festival parties. We were invited and sadly had to decline. He said to me "I saw you outside and I just knew you would be coming to this event, there was something about you that told me you belonged here". Maybe it was due to the fact that I was standing outside the door to the event for 20 min waiting for my friend that he cunningly figured it all out."
Jam, THE NEXT DAY. Note the expression on the blondo's face:

Now look, I know I'm something of a black out drunk crazy man myself. Though as long as this guys still out there doing his thing, I'm perfectly content with who I am cuz I can always look at this photo:
Wait, wrong one. This photo:

And think "at least I'm not that dude" to myself.
***Oh also, at least im not anand jon. homegirl riffo pointed out that rapist fashion designer anand jon is her personal favorite creepy brown man. dood was on americas next top model. then... jail:

Milli Vanilli ass looking clown.

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