Monday, May 11, 2009

\\\whatsup yall

dallas penn is the man. big shout out back at him for bigging up DR on and on his own awesome and almost like-minded but much doper blog, here's a video of dood outside a heltah skeltah and asher roth show. yes, boot camp clik's heltah skeltah, and asher roth. who booked that? dallas sheds light on the different demographics of folks that would attend such a show:

heres doods rendition of ph/tb with a line about pooping nathan's. he then goes on to attempt to find white people that like chicken while outside of this combination kfc/nathans/dunkin donuts/pizzahut. highlights include: “Chicken did you remind the white folks about the Native Americans?”

and entirely unrelated, heres a fan video someone made for neon indian's stellar as fuck 6699 i dont know if you know. cannot stop listening to this band.


Everybody's Favorite said...

yo! that combination pizza hut, dunkin donuts, nathans is right by my house!

CF Edley said...

"Internets, look what Asher Roth is doing."

Dap said...

Asher Roth sucks. Neon Indian, hell yeah.

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