Monday, May 4, 2009

8===D A visit from muhfuckin Alec

Hi everyone! my name is Alec!  I'm a world renowned rap star here to give you all a peek into one of the greatest minds in rap!  I know you are saying to yourself, "but Alec, why would anyone want to have a great mind in rap?"  I know you are also asking yourself, "Alec, if you are a famous rapper how come I didn't know that already and you keep talking about it?"  

The answer to both of those questions and many more will lie in the forthcoming BLOGS.  As I write this, I'm realizing that I have a BLOGligation with my famous rap record label.  Perhaps I could do double duty here.  At the famous rap record label I have people write in and ask me questions.  I then answer the questions.  Maybe let's do that here too?  and then I'll put it up here and also there! right, guys? is that ok?!

Onto what I said I would do.  Show you shit.  First, we have awesome bodies by Greg.  I have always thought Greg to be a funny name.  What's up, Greg? That shit is funny.  I recently heard Greg applied as slang for penis.  I wholly endorse that usage.  This guy is from Utica, NY I think and has this public access fitness show.

I Particularly enjoy the Seasons Greetings video toaster effect. that is really something.  Moving on, here is a song I really like that I posted one day on the popular social networking web site Twitter.  Upon posting said song and saying I would post said song on my blog if I had one, I was asked to blog here! look at us NOW! This is Omar Souleyman and the way his keyboard dude bends the shit out of every note he plays on the synth is the coolest shit ever.  Gypsy scale!
Sublime Frequencies put out an album of his.  He's cool.  Check out this dude. His name is Phil Cordell.  His band is called Springwater.  Evan from Ratatat put me onto them and they are basically Ratatat from a long time ago.  except it's not they it's him.  This song sounds like you're getting married or graduating.  is this what I'm supposed to be doing here? This is long.

Ok I have a lot more to show you but I don't want to blow my proverbial blog load on my first POST ever.  I would like to end this and perhaps every future blog post with a good rap song that you may have never heard.  The kind of rap songs that a kid from Queens who stayed up every night taping the radio had on his radio tapes which his brother would later lose one by one.  Here's a song called "F-It-Less" by really good rapper F.T. (Fuck That).  I didn't know it was on the soundtrack to the movie "Bones" until just now when I looked it up on youtube.  Did I do a good job?

Coolest Life,


Victor Giannini said...

here's a comment

Dap said...

Greg could often be found kicking it at elementary and middle school playgrounds all throughout the queens/nassau border. Trolling for dat azz he would say. Contrary to popular belief, greg was not in fact a homosexual pederast, just a "normal" one.

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