Friday, May 29, 2009

CF Edley decides to blog some: Two real cuts and one for jesus

Busy Signal, of Tic-Toc fame, apparently can't make up his mind in '09. Last year he was not answering his phone, but now.... Giving contradictory messages to those who might stalk you, myself included, is deeply unfair, Busy. Actually, that's not true. No matter what you say, I'm still gonna keep calling.

I'm kinda of the belief that the latter cut, had it come out 35 or so years ago, would have ruined Arthur Russell's reputation with the minimalists so fast. And that it makes me dance real crazy.

And now for lowercase jesus and the love of lowercase jesus:

Also, someone should give Hima a chunk of money to open a venue. I'm just saying. I'd move back from wherever I'm moving to now to help him out.

carriage bolt

1 comment:

Dap said...

I thought it was gonna be some violent dude out to get Busy Signal, not a fangirl. YA LIVE YA LEARN!!

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