Sunday, May 17, 2009

A VISIT FROM DAP: Art of the Title Sequence/SF

I love a good title sequence, it's often the best part of an otherwise terrible movie (i.e. Watchmen). But it's hard to remember them once the movie's over, especially after I've spent the last 90 minutes making out with my "hot date" at the "drive-in movie theater" with a "sweater" tied around my "waist" the whole time. I hardly know what's going on!

This handy site
collects dozens of memorable title sequences from movies of all eras/genres with critique and hell of comments/discussion from readers, even some directors have chimed in with interviews and explanations. Enjoy!

*I'm in San Francisco for 10 days. Here's one exchange I had with a homeless man I was walking past in Castro district (From Wikipedia: "It is widely considered the world's best known gay neighborhood").

Man: Ya Indian? I love ya dick!
Me: haha, what?
Man: Ya Indian or Pakistani?
Me: I'm Indian
Man: I love Indians! I love ya dick!
Me: haha, me too man

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lineass said...

i love your dick

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