Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Dear Lanvin,
I really dig what you're doing. I talk about you on my blog all the time. Look, I did it here, here, and somewhere in here. I even talked about how people often pronounce your name wrong. I don't know how to pronounce it correctly, but that's besides the point. Your most recent RTW Fall line struck my fancy. You were wilding with those silhouettes. Although, I was - to be honest - put off a little by the subtle school-boy vibe you set with those hats. Overall though, tres chic. Unfortunately, you're a little out of my income range. Do you think maybe you can send me some free clothes so I can continue to blog about you and spread the good word?
Thanks, Hima
Stolen from Kanye's blog who stole it from some other joint.


Kool Man said...

oh cool sweet fashion shots doodie

Maria said...

Nice post

Maria said...

Nice great Mens Suit I like all of your style.

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