Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Resolutions: Cuz I'll Only Give a Shit When There's (1 or) 2 New Numbers at the End of The Date, Assuming I Conform to the MM/DD/YY Format

Game plan for 2009 1st Quarter with plans of increased acceleration for Quarter 2:

1 - Increase devotion of Lord Shiva and read a lot of cool Shiva devotional poetry.

2 - Write more fiction. Write more poetry. Make sure both the fiction and poetry are good or decent at best. Preferably good.

3 - Go to the gym a minimum of 3 times a week, preferably 5 including a new regiment of swimming laps at the NY Sports Club of Hicksville with old Italian people. Befriend more old Italian people.

4 - Drink only once during M-F, preferably on Wednesday and not too late.

5 - Limit consumption of "trash food" to one cheeseburger a week, two slices of pizza a week - preferably one though I acknowledge I'm a big fan and must keep my expectations realistic. Also if I succeed in befriending the old Italian people naturally I imagine I'll end up eating pizza with them. Increase consumption of "health food" to a minimum of three salads a week, egg whites and whole wheat bread in the morning, and proteins. More tapas, less butter chicken.

6 - Read a minimum of two books a month - expand my horizons beyond authors of South Asia and South Asian descent with the caveat of expanding solely to authors of other Third World countries and descendants of other Third World countries.

7 - No beer or sodas - maybe a can of that San Pellegrino shit occasionally or that POM Lychee Pom Tea I dig and have convinced myself is healthy though it seems suspiciously sweet. Vodka/Sodas with a splash of Sprite if I deem such luxury appropriate.

8 - Drink alcohol like a human being, not an Eastern European.

9 - Weed edge 4 Life -- Vibe on whatever, homie. Let my mind wander.

10 - Buy art supplies and use the basement as a studio. Steal art books from Terence or whoever I know that may have them. Probably Terence. Steal art supplies from someone if possible. Start with the Amar Chitra Katha comic books / post card project and take it from there.

11 - Prepare to move out of Strong Island.

12 - Catalog Bollywood samples for new music project. Purchase a sampler in April upon moving. Use that sampler after buying it. Vibe.

13 - Make money money.

14 - Save money money.

15 - Learn Portuguese, though prolly not.

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Elena said...

That's funny because "befriend more old italian people" was part II of my 3rd new year's resolution too. Wanna go to bamonte's?

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