Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fashion: LANVIN, Spring 2009

I've been looking forward to seeing what Lanvin has in store for 2009. Like all the others I've posted on (maybe a little less so with Duckie Brown), I'm a fan. Lanvin is the brainchild of Lucas Ossendrijver and his mentor Alber Elbaz. We see some tightened cuffs, pintucking, pleats, very narrow pants, fabric sandals, beaded necklace effects on tees, bla bla bla.


Quick note: Posting on this at work is hilarious. I have to be real quick and real sneaky so none of the "bros" and "YO!s" realize I'm into shit like fashion (read: a faggot). I'm taking risks out here on the streets for you guys and I hope you realize that. To continue, I'm feeling the lavender on this next joint:

Whoa, Asian male model! I'm waiting for the plus sized male model game to jumpoff, I got it locked.

1 comment:

Sara'o said...

all this fashion is getting kind of gay, nigga.

also, duckie brown toes the line between fashion + humor and fashion joke.

"oooo, that's bad. that's real bad." heidi klum

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