Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A VISIT FROM DAP: Vince Offer: Luv Deez Nutz

I'm sure you've seen this ShamWow commercial without giving more than a passing thought to the guy who's soaking up all that "coler" from that white carpet. He's the same guy who tried to sell the DVD of his feature-length film "Underground Comedy Movie" on cable television. He's the same guy who sued the Farelly Brothers, Anna Nicole Smith AND the Church of Scientology. He's the last guy you want to run into at a party (unless you're looking for blow).

And now he's back with the SlapChop (which is also the name of my Steven Segal-Chow Yun Fat movie, out in 2010).

And finally, rather than dubbing the ShamWow commercial, Vince decided to flex his EspaƱol:

FUCK YOU, RON POPEIL (not really tho)

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