Monday, January 12, 2009

News: AR Rahman Wins Golden Globe

When Slumdog Millionaire came out I wrote a pretty long piece about why I was excited for the film and one of my main reasons was the soundtrack by AR Rahman. He also came up here while discussing Gang Gang Dance's most recent album Saint Dymphna and their appreciation for him. One of the personal highlights of the film for me was noting that I wasn't the only person who's interest rested heavily upon its soundtrack as during the end credits, at Angelika Theatre where I saw the film, several people in the audience clapped when Rahman's name came up. Last night dood finally got the global shine he's deserved for years with his win of a Golden Globe. The film also brought home Golden Globes for Best Director, Danny Boyle, Best Screenplay, Simon Beaufoy, and Best Film. And to think, all it took for Indian films to get the shine they deserved was some white people!!! (And I don't care what the reasoning is - this is an Indian film.) Let's see if Rehman and the others can rack up some Oscars too.

And here are some of my favorite joints from Rahman which I've previously posted here:
Tu Hi Re - from Bombay

Yaire - from Rangeela

Chaiyya Chaiyya - from Dil Se

Also, no homo, who saw Maggie Gyllenhall's sweet Lanvin dress?


ecrunner said...

I thought this movie was well done, one of the best that I have seen in a long while. I was excited to see all the awards it won too. All of the actors from the movie are beautiful and looked picture perfect, like a million bucks!

Dap said...

I thought Slumdog was well done but something about the "slickness" turned me off to it overall. Seeing brown peopleon TV is always a good look (9/11 excluded --MAYBE). Also, obsessed with Maggie Gylenhaal/Justine Bateman on some pasty funny looking white chicks. heell yeah.

Jamie: said...

I'm so excited for the whole cast and crew! It was a great movie and I'm glad that Rahman is finally getting his due in Hollywood (since the rest of the world has known about him for years.)

My favorites are the tunes from 'Lagaan' like Mitwa.

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