Friday, January 2, 2009

A Way of Life: Weed Edge

Maybe last summer, my dude Chris had been talking about this weed edge lifestyle a lot. I didn't pay no mind to it. I was all like, whatever man - I GETS BUSY, AINT NO NAME TO HOW I LIVES THIS. Okay. Flash forward to LAST NIGHT. Chris tells me I can e-mail any inquiry I have about weed edge to So I does that. And here's how it went:

On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 10:33 PM, Kumar Suri, Himanshu wrote: What is weed edge?

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From: WEED EDGE <>
To: Kumar Suri, Himanshu
Sent: Tue Dec 30 22:58:24 2008
Subject: Re: Weed edge inquiry

weed edge is life, dog.
vibe on whatever, homie.
let your mind wander.


spread the good herb

Now a solid 15% of me still thinks Chris is because, like, how would weed.edge know that i was a Homie when he says, VIBE ON WHATEVER HOMIE... ? Think about that. And the only other mention of weed edge I can find on the interwebzies is an interview with Chris:

CB: Weed Edge. What’s that all about?
CC: It’s like straight edge, but with weed. Back in the summer of 2002, I realized that the only way I was going to have a real impact on my hometown of Newton, Mass. was to start a vigilant gang of weed enthusiasts that were willing to throw down against the New Wave dumb asses who were infecting the weed-based hardcore and doom metal scenes in my town and neighboring Boston venues. By 2004 we made Newton the outpost for pro-weed terror in venues like Cambridge’s Middle East and TT The Bears. So now it’s pretty well known that you either smoke weed there or you get fucking sliced.

Whatever the deal is, Chris mentioned as long as weed is number one on your list of shit you do to have a good time you could be weed edge. You don't have to only burn. You can drink and burn and do everything as long as it's tree you come home to at the end of the night. I'll subscribe to that pamphlet. For sure.

And don't forget kiddos, VIBE ON WHATEVER, HOMIE


Chris said...

all further inquiries:

Andrew said...

Sounds like some Hakuna Matata bullshit to me!

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